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An Important Message from Minnesota Women Lawyers

Each spring, Minnesota Women Lawyers kicks off its annual membership campaign. As a member association, this support is vital to sustaining us as a community. However, this year our approach will be anything but business as usual.  We're making important changes to our member dues structure for FY20-21, to ensure that MWL continues to be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. 


In summary:  

  • Membership will be FREE for all law students.

  • All other member dues levels will be flexible. Members can continue to join and renew at the standard MWL membership dues levels (See MWL Membership Dues table below).  All current (renewing) and prospective MWL members also have the opportunity to choose a SELECT Membership, which provides the opportunity to select any dues amount, up to and including a FREE membership. This allows each individual to decide the dues amount that fits best for them. Further details are outlined below and will be highlighted on the new member / renewal form. 

  • MWL invites those who are able to help sustain MWL to do so through a Premier Membership. 

  • All members will also be offered the opportunity to make an additional donation to MWL when they join/renew. 

    This additional support, whether through a Premier Membership or with a direct donation (even $5 or $10), will help balance dues levels across MWL and sustain our member community.

In the end, we firmly believe this approach to our FY20-21 membership campaign will make MWL an even stronger community when we all land on the other side of this challenging time. Because if the experience of these last months has shown us anything, it’s that we need our connections to one another, now more than ever. 


MWL is so grateful to its membership and the legal community for its continued support and involvement!  Thank you for being a part of the MWL community.  MWL is so honored to be part of your community!





Why Join MWL?

Since its inception in 1972, MWL has worked to address the changing needs of women in the profession by offering a wide-range of activities and benefits. By taking full advantage of your membership, you’ll find that MWL provides ample opportunities to develop as a leader, network with other attorneys, learn in a collegial and supportive environment, and foster greater satisfaction within the practice of law.


Guided by its three values, MWL's mission is to advance the success of women attorneys and strive for a just society. [Click on each image below for a larger view].





Make the Most of Your MWL Membership

about MWL's membership benefits and opportunities to get involved.  For further information, please contact MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa ( for more information. 


MWL Membership Dues



MWL is an association "by members and for members."  Membership dues provide the foundational support which makes MWL's work possible. 


Please refer to the MWL Membership Dues Table below for a complete outline of membership levels. All MWL membership dues are based on the fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. All memberships renew on July 1st of each year. 


Standard membership levels are based on the year an individual was admitted to the bar.  MWL also offers additional membership levels to fit individual situations. 



The MWL SELECT Membership dues level is available to all current and prospective MWL members and ensures that MWL membership is accessible to all those who would like to join, by allowing individuals to select a membership dues amount that fits best for them.  .


With MWL's membership community as the foundation of our organization, MWL believes making membership accessible is particularly critical given our current economic reality. It is also intended to make membership accessible for public, non-profit, solo and part-time attorneys.


To Join or Renew as a SELECT Member: Please choose the "SELECT Membership" option from the drop-down menu on the new membership form, then indicate your suggested dues amount in the field named "SELECT Membership Dues Amount," and proceed as instructed.  (For renewing MWL members, the process is the same, but in reverse order. You will first be asked to indicate your SELECT Membership Dues Amount, and then on the next page, choose the "SELECT Membership" option from the drop-down menu).


For both new and renewing members, upon submitting your membership form, you will be emailed an invoice that reflects your custom dues amount.  If you have any questions, please contact MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa ( 


MWL Premier Members demonstrate their strong commitment to MWL’s mission with an  increased dues amount.  This support not only enhances MWL's ability to offer high-quality programming and networking opportunities throughout the year, but it also helps MWL to offer lower-cost memberships and event scholarships to others in the legal community, particularly during these difficult economic circumstances.  MWL Premier Members also enjoy a selection of exclusive benefits.  Complete details are HERE


NOTE: MWL Premier Membership payments may be made in automatic quarterly installments.  Simply make the selection upon registration/renewal. 


NOTE: MWL Premier Memberships are not eligible for SELECT Membership.


Quarterly payments may also be arranged for other dues levels, upon request.  For those requests, please contact  MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa (  



Please refer to the MWL Membership Dues Table below for a complete outline of membership levels.


 Membership Level  Annual Dues Amount  
 Standard Levels:    
 First year admitted (2019-2020) $35
 Admitted 1-5 years (2014-2018) $85  
 Admitted 6-10 years (2009-2013)   $125  
 Admitted 11-15 years (2004-2008) $150  
 Admitted 16+ (2003 or prior) $175  
Specific Categories
 Law Student $0 (For FY20-21)
Greater Minnesota
 Income Under $55,000 $25
 Retired / Senior Status $55
 Non-Attorney Associate $85  
 SELECT Membership (See Above) $0 - $150*  
 Premier Membership    
 Diamond $1000  
 Sapphire $500  
 Emerald $300  




Feel free to contact MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa ( for further information or assistance.   


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