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MWL Media Resource Project

The MWL Equity Committee is pleased to announce its MWL Media Resource Project. This Project is focused on developing a list of MWL members who are willing to be contacted by local and/or national media sources for information and/or comments on stories related to their area of practice or knowledge, both on the record and off the record.

As MWL is committed to fundamentally elevating the status of women in the legal profession, the MWL Media Project will serve to increase the visibility and influence of MWL members by promoting women attorneys as leaders in the public arena.  


View "Who's Who to Call: MWL's Media Resource List" HERE


To participate: please complete the sign-up form HERE to be added to MWL's Media Resource List.




Additional Details and Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will be able to access the MWL Media Resource List?
The MWL Media Resource List is posted online and available publicly, not only to the media but to anyone who may want to access it. 

Who can be included on the MWL Media Resource List?

All participants must be current MWL members. To be included on the list, members must fill out an interest form available HERE.  Attendance at a related seminar sponsored by MWL is recommended.  Details on upcoming seminars will provided as available.  


Annually, participants must resubmit the interest form to reaffirm their participation in the MWL Media Project for the coming year, and to update any information that may have changed since the previous year.

How often will participants be contacted by the media?
The MWL Equity Committee will actively work to promote the media list to resources both locally and nationally, throughout the year. However, MWL cannot guarantee that those on the MWL Media Resource List will be contacted, but only that they are available for comment and/or background. 


Should participants let MWL know if they are contacted by the media?
If a participant is contacted by the media either for background or on-record comment, MWL asks to be notified of the contact. This will help MWL track the program's effectiveness and make improvements, as well as further promote the participant's comments via MWL publications and social media.  


If contacted by a media source, please provide MWL Communications Manager Hannah Zuercher ( with the following information: Your name, employer and contact information; contacting media source name and affiliation; date of contact; subject of contact; details on when comments may be published/broadcast (as appropriate).


How does the MWL Media Resource List relate to an attorney's employer media policy?

All individuals listed on the MWL Media Resource list acknowledge that they and/or their employer are responsible for any media contact they may have pursuant to any applicable media policies and media contact approval procedure implemented by their employer.



What is MWL's involvement in relation to the Media Resource List? 

MWL is not responsible for any member interactions with media, statements made, and/or information provided. MWL's involvement is limited to simply connecting media sources with potential resources. 


Any information or statement provided by an individual listed on the Media Resource List is provided personally by that individual and does not constitute an official position of Minnesota Women Lawyers. Minnesota Women Lawyers assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for any opinions or statements by any individuals listed on the Media Resource List.


How can a participant be removed from the Media Resource List?

Participants can request to be removed from the list at any time. To do so, please contact Hannah at


Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact MWL Equity Committee members Maureen Carlson ( or Trisha Volpe ( Feel free to also contact MWL Executive Director Debra Pexa (  






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